Fort Pierce Police Officers Paid Less Than Others in the Area

Fort Pierce Police

Fort Pierce Police

Fort Pierce Police officers say they work in one of the most dangerous cities on the Treasure Coast yet they’re paid significantly less than other departments in the area.

It isn’t sitting well with officers or their supporters.

Union reps argued for a pay hike at City Hall Wednesday. Fort Pierce officers haven’t had a raise since 2005 and they’re trailing many of their counterparts in other communities.

According to the FDLE, West Palm Beach officers make nearly $48,000 a year while the men and women of the Fort Pierce Police Department make just above $35,000 a year.

The closest in salary is Vero Beach with officers there making nearly $37,000.  The city only handles a fraction of the violent crime seen in Fort Pierce.

Police say low pay has led to the department losing 130 officers over the last decade.

They say 53 percent of the officers working on the streets have less than four years of experience as police officers.

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