Female volunteers needed in Martin County for Mercury Studies

Female volunteers needed in Martin County for Mercury Studies

A follow-up study is being done after a 2010 study found an unusually large amount of mercury in women in Martin County.

Martin County was one of three counties in the state to participate in the mercury project funded by a grant. The grant was  from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Results showed that of the women surveyed, 25% had elevated levels of mercury. Reports from Duval County showed that 7% of women had higher than normal levels, while 16% of women tested in Escambia and Santa Rosa had higher than normal levels.

Most elevated mercury levels in humans is a result of eating fish with high levels of mercury.

Volunteer participants must be women between the ages of 18 and 49 who have lived in Martin County for at least 1 year.

Women who participated in the 2010 survey and who still meet the requirements for testing, are welcome to participate again. For more information and to make an appointment for testing, go online to Martin Health

Free Mercury testing Event Dec 15th and 16th

Free Mercury testing event Dec 17 and 18th

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