Everglades Trust Endorses Ron DeSantis for Governor

Everglades Trust Endorses Ron DeSantis for Governor

The days of Everglades serving as mere bullet point in environmental platform should be over

(WEST PALM BEACH, FL, October 16, 2018) – Everglades Trust Executive Director Kimberly Mitchell issued the following statement regarding the endorsement of Ron DeSantis for Governor:

For some, there seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding of the importance of Everglades restoration, and the critical point we’ve reached.

The tragic symptoms of a fatally-flawed water management system, kept broken to appease the sugar industry, are on full display for the world to see. Dead sea life and closed beaches on both coasts of Florida cannot be Florida’s new normal. And the days of the Everglades serving as a mere bullet point in an environmental platform should be over.

Florida’s economy, citizens’ health, drinking water supply for 8 million, buffer against rising seas, buffer from savage hurricanes, wildlife in the ecosystems of three nationally-important coastal estuaries – all hang in the balance of a collapsing or strengthened Everglades.

The Everglades and coastal estuaries couldn’t care less about partisan politics, so the Trust doesn’t. They are in desperate need of a hero – and they found one in Ron DeSantis. Ron understands the critical infrastructure projects that must be undertaken and expedited, with the ability to make them a top priority, and already has a track record of standing up to an industry that is physically and politically blocking the reconnection of Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades – Big Sugar.

Floridians have had enough of rhetoric and broken promises from our politicians. “I will stand up to the special interests,” is what we’re told in an election year. Well, we now have a politician who has actually walked the walk and for the millions who depend on a healthy Everglades, and all the critters who call them home, it could not come soon enough.

About Everglades Trust:

Everglades Trust insists that local, state and federal lawmakers take meaningful and timely action to restore and preserve America’s Everglades. Through grassroots initiatives and legislator education, the Trust ensures lawmakers are held accountable to their constituents and protect the Everglades and three nationally-important coastal estuaries. To learn more about Everglades Trust, please visit EvergladesTrust.org.

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