Red Tide in Indian River County

Red Tide in Indian River County

Indian River County, Fl- All Indian River County beaches will be closed Wednesday until further notice because of red tide.

High levels of red tide have been detected in Indian River County, according to test results published by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Tuesday. Dead fish washed ashore Monday and many beach visitors complained of a strong odor. Others said their throat and nose became irritated. Lifeguards wore masks and beaches were open Tuesday before test results were available.

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Shane Brosche  10/17/2018

Officials gave residents and beachgoers the following warnings:

· People, especially those with respiratory issues, are encouraged to stay away from the beaches if possible for the next two to ten days. Persons may experience throat irritation and/or coughing if directly exposed to red tide.

· Higher winds or tides can spread it more quickly.

· Dead fish are not to be eaten. Be cautious with any fish caught from the southeastern coast of Florida.

· Do not consume shellfish of any kind caught in the area until the red tide passes.

· Please visit

From Marlen:

Red Tide Report 4pm as experienced personally
Almost deserted Beach sides, zero birds, wind from the east. High tide was at 2pm. I could not spot any fish in the waves (zoom lense 150-600). Hope that’s a good sign. We shall know more in the morning

Sexton Plaza 4pm
The air on the plaza made me cough immediately, but it was not as bad as expected. Lots of dead fish on that beach, all colors and sizes, fish I have never before seen in my life.
Down at the water the smell was not so bad (still bad but better then up on the plaza)

Jaycee Park Beach 4.15pm
Was told by Restaurant Staff that 10 brave men and/or women cleaned up all the dead fish. Must have been very bad in the morning.
The smell on the Boardwalk was terrible and made me hurry back to my car

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