Evacuations in Ft Pierce due to chemical spill

Evacuations in Ft Pierce due to chemical spill.

Evacuations are currently taking place on Selvitz Rd just South of Glades Rd -1/2 mile. Sheltering in place 1/2 mile beyond.

It happened at 3630 Selvitz Road. Police said officers evacuated an area for a half mile in each direction.

Brenda Stokes at St. Lucie County Fire Rescue said a liquid fertilizer mix in a tank overheated and a chemical was released into the air.  It was possibly the result of a faulty valve.

She said the release happened in an industrial area and there are no homes in the immediate vicinity.

Police said they have closed Selvitz Road from Edwards Rd south to Midway Road. 

Update: Oct 13, 2017

A chemical spill in Fort Pierce caused authorities to evacuate the area yesterday afternoon. The evacuations began just before 1 p.m. St. Lucie County Fire Rescue said a truck carrying a mixture of liquid fertilizers overheated, causing the chemicals to react and expel as an orange gas. Fort Pierce police and fire crews evacuated an area about a half-mile in each direction from the scene. Police advised those outside of that 1/2 mile radius to shelter in place. St. Lucie Christian on Edwards Road also evacuated as a precaution. It took about two hours to get the spill contained

 St Lucie County Interim Fire Chief Nate Spera said the gas would have been toxic to breathe in. He said all of the gas that was released just dispersed into the air and no longer poses a threat.


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