SFWMD Moving Forward Ahead of Schedule on Central Everglades Planning Project

SFWMD Moving Forward Ahead of Schedule on Central Everglades Planning Project to Send More Water South

District’s acceleration of construction of the new flood control structure and Tamiami Trail modifications are part of the plan to dramatically increase conveyance of water south through the Everglades.

West Palm Beach, FL – The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) today announced that it is moving forward with two major components of the Central Everglades Planning Project (CEPP), the congressionally approved plan to move more water south.

“We have the funds, we have the plan, what we don’t have is time when it comes to protecting these valuable resources,” said SFWMD Executive Director Ernie Marks. “As the state leader in Everglades restoration, this District must step up to protect the Everglades and complete components of CEPP that will ultimately send more water south to Florida Bay.”
Marks briefed SFWMD Governing Board members at their regular monthly business meeting. He spoke about the progress being made regarding CEPP. Marks announced that the District will begin design of the new water control structure.
This additional structure will double the amount of water that can be moved south out of Water Conservation Area 3A into the L-29 Canal. Construction of this additional structure is expected to begin next year.
Heavy rainfall in 2017 has resulted in high water emergencies and wildlife endangerment concerns in Water Conservation Area 3A. This was due to limitations in moving water out of the existing flood control gates. This project component will help address that concern.

Florida Power and Light

Marks also announced that the District will begin working with Florida Power and Light (FPL) to expedite power-line relocation from

A nearly six-mile section of Old Tamiami Trail in Miami-Dade County will be removed. SFWMD will work closely with Florida Power and Light Co. to remove the power lines along the old roadway. The project will allow more sheetflow south into Everglades National Park. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Old Tamiami Trail. This is a crucial step in modifying the trail to remove barriers to flow. SFWMD would work with FPL to remove the power lines along nearly 6 miles of the former roadway. Restoration efforts would then be able to modify the stretch of Old Tamiami Trail. This acts as a dam inhibiting the natural sheetflow of water from the conservation area south into Everglades National Park. 

The Central Everglades Planning Project is a $1.9 billion slate of storage and conveyance projects. It is on land already in public ownership south of Lake Okeechobee. The southern components of this plan will allow additional water to be directed south to Everglades National Park and Florida Bay. It will provide additional opportunity to reduce releases to the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie estuaries. CEPP is congressionally authorized. It still is  awaiting funding. Other elements of CEPP include increasing southern storage, degrading sections of several levees, backfilling more than 13 miles of the Miami Canal and modifying the S-356 pump station to increase pumping capacity.
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