Eco-terrorists or well informed water advocates?

Eco-terrorists or well informed water advocates?

Remember when the ACOE came about a month ago and we packed the room and everyone was mad. There was a huge police presence and Sheriff Snyder was there. I looked around the room and thought “Ya someone could totally go off and blow us away. I thought thank you for keeping us safe”. Then, when I walked into the BOCC meeting last week the  S.W.A.T. was there. I thought wow we got some protection here. I said good morning. They said good morning.  Thank you for keeping us safe.

Then Rick Scott called a press conference, doesn’t show up except to pick up the other boats in his entourage. You know the story. They race over to Central Marine where Mary Pullen Radabaugh is waiting for them. Mary who created albums of documentation. Mary who along with her staff has to endure working next to this toxic stew that will do who knows what to her. Then, he turns around and splits. The photo below is Mary standing there taking a photo as they race away.

photo by rebecca fatzinger

photo by rebecca fatzinger

But really are we surprised?

Back on the docks earlier it was announced that Scott’s bizarre behavior was because of a security concern.  How could this be because Congressman Brian Mast is in a crowd of my friends?

Then I realized the supposed security risk are my friends.

The police must think we are a bunch of eco terrorists. OH JEEZ

This whole thing didn’t really pan out for Rick Scotts staff. They claimed later that it was a scheduling issue. Then we found out it was possibly an issue with regarding Congressman Mast who remarked that he had to go on the boat for those who do not play well with others. LOL

The day worked out for the best really. You gotta laugh. No one should be surprised. Look at the greeting in 2013.

The point is Rick Scott knew who was going to greet him.  His staff had the audacity to insinuate a security risk which is really serious considering there are many angry men -and woman making threats. NOT AROUND HERE WE KNOW BETTER. Usually the threats come from people who are beginning in the process and just experienced toxic green slime coming down a canal or in the case of the west coat multiple dead manatees, dolphins and turtles and thousands of dead fish. ITS EMOTIONAL. Then it makes the rounds. Bullsugar gets yelled at. The Everglades Trust gets yelled at. We get lectured. Glades Lives Matters calls us names -those awful coastal elites!

Janet Taylor over reacts and then our fav US Sugar employee Judy  Sanchez-  the best damm employee in the world -I am not kidding- will put our a press release or an article from the Okeechobee News that will incite the entire EAA and further promote the culture war. Everyone jumps to conclusions.  Fingers are pointed. It is a vicious circle. A total distraction and totally irresponsible.

So please next time you are going to make something up leave us out of it.

So lets do this:

  1. Next governor needs to be an adult.
  2. Stop threatening to hurt people period. Does this even need an explanation?
  3. Media stop calling us protesters. We are well informed water advocates. If you want to get sexy say river warriors.
  4. Keep your eye on the ball. The southern reservoir needs  to go into the WRDA bill in October and soon we will hear about lowering the lake
  5.  All other issues  will not be addressed until we get a new governor.



6.Do not call for a security risk unless you mean it. Think of the  unintended consequences.


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