Destination Downtown Fort Pierce

Destination Downtown Fort Pierce

We asked our friends at Fort Pierce Breaking News what their favorite to do. This is what they told me!

Have a meal, have a cocktail, walk around people watch, window shop and listen to good music enjoy the water!!

Enjoy the wide open public spaces

Taco Dive!!! Thai Pepper!!!

Reminisce and enjoy every minute of being raised there

Eat, walk, library, enjoy the scenery

Enjoy the beautiful marina take pictures

Eat Caribbean wings at Cobb’s Landing!

Havana George and everything !!!. Let’s keep it this way and not become Myrtle Beach

Hard Axe. And then taco dive

Sushi Go, and Importicos


See a show at the Sunrise Theater after dinner and drinks.

Havana George!


Casey N Spaz Comedy of course 11 years at the SunriseTheatre Fort Pierce tonight show may be sold out if so we have Marc Skippy Price from Family Ties special event coming. New show every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 8

Pierced cider, sailfish, cobbs landing, thai pepper, Havana George, buy a loaf of bread and feed the monster fish at the marina, walk the jetty with a rum runner and watch the sunset on the swings. Square grouper…..tons of great spots

Sailfish brewery

Feed the fish at the marina

Pierced cider

Sailfish, thirsty turtle, walk

Enjoy the architecture of some of the older buildings


Taco Dive and 2nd St Bistro

Music at Harmony Music Lounge

I love to go to chic and shore store in fort pierce second street

Dinner, theater, walk along the waterfront maybe a coffee or ice cream;


Friday Fest!

Sunrise theater and fine dinning

For more information on Fort Pierce Click here!

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