COVID-19 Information Center has real-time updates and news at your fingertips!

COVID-19 Information Center has real-time updates and news at your fingertips!

We in the Treasure Coast are not strangers to staying in the house and watching as our economy gets destroyed. We are not strangers to working together to fix an issue and we are not strangers to sitting here and worrying about our health. And we are not strangers to doing something about it.

A few things #donttpanic

There is no reason to close the beaches. Most of our beaches are deserted. Leave them alone. A lot of those photos and videos national news is showing are from last week. Shame on them for doing that. We have seen them do this before – during algae blooms when they never got the story right, during hurricanes (who can forget Jim Cantore in his goggles!). During those times we were all able to joke about it. This is no joke. We have enough to do.

Many of you are staying home which great. Health care workers cannot. We are going to be stressed to the max – don’t make it worse. You can support your local restaurants by ordering take – out. Any other opinions, suggestions please put them here. These are scary times. We will all get through it together by not freaking out and taking things one day at a time. Please support our seniors and make sure they are okay.

Please practice social distancing wherever you are and wash your hands!

Please make sure you come over to our Facebook page – we are putting out a lot of updates.

We created a place for updates here on our website!.

COVID-19 Information Center 



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