When getting your home ready to be placed on the market, it is important not to neglect
the homes’ “curb appeal”.

This is the first impression a prospective buyer gets when they drive up to a home. What kind of landscaping does it have? Does it have a lush green lawn or is it brown and dead with weeds? What does the exterior paint job, driveway and roof look like? These things are reflective of the care that the home has had, and may make or break consideration of the sale. Paying attention to these items will help increase the possibility for a sale at the desired price point that you may be asking.

First, take a look at the landscaping that you have.

What type and amount of plants are there? Is the property completely overgrown or bereft of any plants at all? The solution for this concern is simple. If there are too many plants, thin it out. Let the house become the focus not the forest in front of it. If there is too little plant life, add some shrubbery at key areas, some flowers/annuals add color and can bring out the best in the lawn.

If the property doesn’t have irrigation for the lawn or plants, water as necessary until it is green and beautiful. For weeds, put out some weed killer. When the weeds are gone, place new sod down to cover the holes in the lawn or dead areas that were exposed. To finish the landscaping, mulch your plant and flower beds. It is surprising what these few things can do to increase the desirability of a home at low cost.

If the driveway or tile roof is dirty or dingy looking, then a good pressure washing may be in order. If the driveway is made of asphalt, a coat of asphalt “blacktop” will give it a fresh new look. Fill in any holes and cracks in the driveway before applying the new top coat.
Touch up any exterior walls. I recommend that you take a paint chip, if possible, to your local paint store if you don’t have the paint around anymore. The store will be able to match it without any difficulty.

Improving curb appeal is essential for a seller to increase the probability of a sale for their home.

Diane Lott, Broker

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