Blue Green algae is everywhere! Make it stop!

Before the shooting in Orlando we were all talking about the blue green algae that has taken over our water ways. Well, it’s still here. And it’s worse.

Green Toxic Algae in Stuart

Green Toxic Algae in Stuart
Photo Cristina Maldonado

9 billion gallons!
The discharges from Lake Okeechobee into the St Lucie River from the beginning of the year have now will surpassed the discharges in all of 2013.

Here is a video of our friend Jack Maldonado. He is the son of local veterinarian Cristina Maldonado. This is his grandparents back yard.


Here are some of the issues:
State official test results show the neon green algae found in the St. Lucie River is not toxic. But local scientists are collecting data on the river, and they say that it is toxic. So, who is right? The Department of Environmental Protection says there’s no dominant algae and no toxins in the St Lucie River from the samples taken last week on the St Lucie River. But live data-streaming water monitors show blue green algae at toxic levels in multiple spots along the river in real time. The thing about water is, it’s always moving. Live water monitors installed by ORCA on Monday showed blue green algae is present from the Lake EAST through to the Port Salerno. While the level in the water in Palm City is just below toxic levels, the water monitor is measuring the algae in the Manatee Pocket  at over 6 times the allowed human exposure. It could toxic one second and fine the next in that particular spot. So we don’t really know specific numbers.  The DEP is not only being disingenuous with their report they are really putting us at risk.  Why they are putting our health as risk in the name of politics is beyond me.  Health officials say regardless of either test results, avoid all contact with the green algae. This is the best advice. It apparent that we need to take care of ourselves and use our own common sense.

Green Toxic Algae in Stuart

Green Toxic Algae in Stuart
Photo: Cristina Maldonado

I have  read lately that not much water was actually sent south last by the means necessary though SFWMD. Even though they knew it was a el nino year. The water that was sent and cleaned thru the STA’s came from Big Sugar. That’s why they can make the claims they make because they are obviously in cahoots with SFWMD. It’s all wink wink. “Don’t worry Big Sugar. We got your back!”  They get their water cleaned but none of that happened when they got flooded out because they were holding water in their rim canals and when it rained it poured and they got flooded and then SFWMD backpumped the water into the lake. So after we get all their water the algae bloom comes because of all the nutrients(herbicides, pesticides, phosphates and nitrogen) in the water and then it gets sent to us.

President Obama said there was nothing that he could do that it was a state issue. Rick Scott say’s its a federal issue. Our own BOCC can’t agree on any of this and every one is scattered to all kinds of committees and sit in their chairs but I don’t see them out their being concerned about this issue at all. Our state reps down Harrel and Magar vote the company line (and for fracking also. Can you imagine us fracked on top of all this! ). I have no idea how they sleep at night but I personally think they need lots of time to sleep. Why? Because just like the DEP they are being disingenuous and they are playing with our lives.

When I go near this water my face and eyes burn. This is some toxic stew.

Mark Perry said this in a recent letter to the Editor.

“You need to know that water releases south from the lake stopped in mid-November, and the EAA increased its discharges to the Water Conservation Areas (Everglades Protection Area), dumping a total of 339 billion gallons in this past water year. This is why Water Conservation Area 3A rose 1.5 feet above schedule, drowning tree islands and creating a state of emergency, while the coastal estuaries are getting major discharges.

This happens because the Everglades Agricultural Area is allowed to have perfect drainage, keeping the canals at 10.5 feet while the lake rose up to 16.4 feet.”

Essentially what I have said but Mark say’s it much better and he is an expert. So if you don’t believe me believe him.

The conclusion I have come to is the best thing to do is stay out of the water and if any legislator tells you its safe then feel free to invite them for a swim. Make sure you are registered to vote. Do your research on the people you are voting for. Then vote in August and November. A vote for the wrong people will result in this continuing forever.

It has to stop! MAKE IT STOP!

Vote for people who will stand up to this issue. Throw those sugar babies away! Bye Bye and if they have nothing to do they are all welcome to go for a swim in the St Lucie River and the Indian River Lagoon.

The DEP is putting our health at risk and the legislators are playing politics! If the people in charge actually cared about us they do would something about it instead of playing games.

Meanwhile Legislators, DEP, SFWMD and all others involved in blocking the solution to this: Please explain to Jack why you can’t fix the water!




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