Austin and Perry: Updated regarding texts, FWC report, lawsuit

Austin and Perry: Updated regarding texts, FWC report, lawsuit

In a last text that Perry Cohen sent to his mother he said:

“Mom, it’s Perry. My pad is dead. I’ll text you in a little. Love you.”

Pamela Cohen wrote: “OK. I wanted you to sleep at home tonight. I miss you. We leave Sunday morning for New York. What about your work?”

He said would do his homework and then he texted “But I was going to sleep at…:and never finished that message.
The boat was found off of Bermuda. Video released and photos of the boat that was taken by the Edda Fjord

The rescue team also found an iPhone is a tackle box. The iPhone  belonged to Austin. Perry’s Ipad was broken so he was using Austin’s phone.

According to the Palm Beach Post the Engine and battery were off before the teens boat capsized.  This was reported by the  Cohen Family Lawyer, Guy Rubin. In the law suit it was stated:

“FWC’s refusal to consider reopening its investigation under the circumstances is a dereliction of it constitutional duties.” The attorney is concerned with chain of custody. If the chain of custody is broken then everything that happens can be questioned after that.

It’s always better to do things by the book and live in the sunshine.

Here is the Florida Fish and Wildlife report

Here is a copy of the lawsuit.
The boat is scheduled to arrive at Port Everglades on May 16.


Question from the Editor: I’m very confused as to why the FWC will not reopen this investigation. Is is being conducted by the police? What was the phone not handed over as evidence to the Police then since this is still an open missing persons case?

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