April is Water Conservation Month. Keep the locks closed!

April is Water Conservation Month!

Port St Lucie is encouraging residents to take part in its awareness campaign. Throughout the month the city will be providing tips and information on how to make simple changes to help save water.

This week the city suggests to find your Shower Song. Taking a shower instead of a bath can save several gallons of water, and keeping your shower short can save even more.

So pick a shower song and try to limit the length of your shower to the length of the song. For more tips go to the Port St Lucie City Facebook page every Monday.



If the City of Port St Lucie was serious about saving water they would support the land buy so we could send water south and  literally stop wasting billions of gallons of water.

What’s your suggestion of a shower song to Save our River and Stop the discharges?

When you take a shower  remember that billions of gallons of fresh water is wasted.  It is sent out to tide. I want you to remember that you can do something about this. Remember big sugar laden politicians are wasting this water. Big sugar politicians that care nothing about the people in Glades. They care nothing about the environment. They care about their own greed.

For some reason every time I hear this song it makes me cry. I think of all the work and energy that we have put into saving our St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon.

We must press forward!

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