All Aboard Florida pays money to destroy Treasure Coast

All Aboard Florida pays money to destroy Treasure Coast

The company behind All Aboard Florida is spending a lot of campaign cash on politicians.  All Aboard Florida parent company and its affiliates contributed $316,000 to state elected officials, candidates and their political action committees, plus millions of dollars spent on lobbying efforts. One of the largest recipients is Governor Rick Scott, whose “let’s get to work” pac received $125,000 in January.

A large rally was held in Stuart on Saturday to protest the high speed trains, but supporters of the project say that it’s moving forward anyway. All Aboard Florida needs 17 permits and approvals from various state agencies. The people in charge of those agencies are appointed by Governor Rick Scott.

We know how that goes. Can you say SFWMD and FWC?

Money in Florida goes a long way.

How far will Rick Scott  go to destroy us and the rest of Florida?

Let’s see. He allows the importation of heroin addicts from up north so they can get drug treatment for cheap while many of these places are over billing health insurance and our own citizens cannot get the treatment that they need. He has destroyed the Indian River lagoon and blames it on the Federal Government.

While the hardworking people of Visit Florida work hard to make us the the number one destination of the world Rick Scott has set out to destroy it.

People want a train. Just not this one.

Don’t let a bunch of rich hedge fund bullies destroy us even more.








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