4th of July safety tips from MCSO

4th of July safety tips from MCSO

Martin County, Fl- The Martin County Sheriff’s Office will be out on the waterways today for extra patrols. They are offering the following tips to boaters who plan to spend their Independence Day out on the water.

Here you go!

1. Inform your family and friends of your plan, and when you are expected to return.

2. Equipment Check 
Check the condition of your life jackets (especially children’s). Make sure all of your instruments are in working order.

3. Stay Hydrated
Drink plenty of water. A person should drink 8 ounces of water for every 15 to 20 minutes spent on the water.

4. Stay Sober
MCSO has zero tolerance for boating under the influence, and underage drinking. Please celebrate responsibly.

5. Fire And Boats Do Not Mix
Keep a safe distance from active fireworks since fiberglass vessels are highly flammable. Shooting fireworks from your vessel is never a good idea.

6. Night Running Lights
If you boat at night, use your running lights so others can see you. Navigate slowly.

7. Emergencies
Call 9-1-1 for emergencies. Martin County Sheriss Office Marine Units will be monitoring VHF channel 16

Also, don’t forget to remove all of your valuables from your boat when you are done for the day. Don’t make it easy for a burglar to steal items that are left on your boat overnight. Have a safe 4th of July!




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