Water Safety for Kids of all Ages

Water Safety for Kids of all Ages

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Does your child know how to swim properly without assistance? Do they know how to put themselves into a back float until help arrives? Accidents happen! If your child falls into the pool unsupervised, are they able to get themselves to the side of the pool and climb out of the water? These are all lifesaving skills that are crucial for everyone, especially in the Sunshine State!

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Whitney Lerman

Whitney Lerman
Water Babies Swim Lessons

My name is Whitney Lerman, and I am the owner of a private swim lesson company here in Florida. Water Babies Swim Lessons has private, one-on-one lessons in your pool or OUR pool. We service the Treasure Coast area from Fort Pierce all the way to Palm Beach Gardens. All our swim lessons are tailored to meet the needs of EACH student. Our lessons start around 14 months old and range through adulthood. Each lesson is 25 minutes long. They require only the instructor and the student to be in the water. Arm floaties, puddle jumpers, or other assisted swimming devices are not used during lessons.


According to the CDC, drowning is the top cause of death for children ages 1 to 4 in the state of Florida, and over 400 children drowned in 2022 in the state of Florida alone. Learning to swim and learning all basic water safety skills at a young age is critical. Swimming lessons can start at an early age and continue until the student is completely independent in the water.

Look at this beautiful back float! Lyla is only two years old and is such a little fish. Back floats are a life-saving skill!

The Red Cross encourages learning the following five skills to be considered an independent swimmer:

• Enter water that’s above your head, then return to the surface

• Float or tread water for at least one minute

• Turn over or turn around in the water

• Swim at least 25 yards

• Exit the water


Water Safety for Kids of all Ages

In South Florida, we are fortunate to enjoy beautiful, tropical weather almost year-round and have access to inviting bodies of water such as swimming pools, oceans, canals, and lakes. For children and adults who DON’T know how to swim, this situation could prove to be very dangerous. Enrolling your child in swimming lessons early on can give the gift of a life-saving skill. Refresher lessons are just as important as initial lessons, as skill retention can decline during the non-swimming months. A refresher class can allow your child to recall and practice all the skills they have previously learned to ensure they are “summer-ready” and will always be safe around or in water.

Water Safety for Kids of all Ages

Backstroke practice for Swim Team Tryouts! This young man worked so hard on this stroke, and he just learned it two days ago!! Awesome job! What a little fish!

Water Safety for Kids of all Ages

Back floats are a lifesaving skill.

To sign your child up for private swimming lessons, please contact Water Babies Swim Lessons at 631-680-3683 (text-friendly) or find us on Facebook at “Water Babies Swim Lessons.” We have tons of photos, videos, and client reviews on our Facebook Business Page, where we continue to maintain our 5 STAR rating! Our website is www.waterbabiesswimfl.com, where you can also purchase swim lesson gift cards to give this life-saving gift to your loved ones.




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