Vero Beach boy, 14, dies after accidentally shot by friend

Vero Beach boy, 14, dies after accidentally shot by friend

Vero Beach, Fl ( A Vero Beach boy, 14, dies after accidentally shot by friend.

On January 30, 2022, the Vero Beach Police Department responded to an accidental shooting involving a 14-year-old boy within his residence. Despite immediate lifesaving measures taken by first responders, the boy tragically succumbed to the injury. According to investigators, the boy was in his bedroom playing with a firearm accompanied by two friends. The boy’s mother advised investigators that her son woke her up, stating that he had accidentally shot himself. The mother also told investigators that her son had been ordering parts off the internet and was building the gun, but was not aware that he had ammunition. During the initial investigation, the boy’s friends who witnessed the incident confirmed the statements made by the victim.
As the investigation remained open and investigators continued to gather evidence, it was determined that the initial statements obtained were not accurate. Through investigative means, it was later determined that one of the victim’s friends was handling the firearm when it accidentally discharged fatally striking the victim. According to statements made, the boy did not know the firearm was loaded.
After a lengthy and thorough investigation, it has been concluded that this incident was a tragic accident and The Vero Beach Police Department will not be pursuing criminal charges. The Vero Beach Police Department would like to remind those with firearms in their possession to always keep their firearms locked up and kept away from children.
Any further questions regarding this case should be referred to our Public Information Officer Darrell Rivers at 772-978-4649 or


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