Using Water Safety Practices Can Save Lives This Holiday Weekend

Using Water Safety Practices Can Save Lives This Holiday Weekend

During the Labor Day holiday weekend, the Drowning Prevention Coalition (DPC) of Palm Beach County encourages parents, caregivers, pool owners and vacationers to make drowning prevention a top priority.

According to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office, the county averages 53 drowning deaths per year with children ages 1-4 years having the highest drowning rate in the county based on population.

Don’t let a loved one become a statistic.  Please follow these water safety recommendations:

1)    Maintain vigilant adult supervision when children are in or near water.

2)    Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. Water wings or floaties, inflatable water rings and other pool toys are NOT safety devices. Only U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets are designed and tested for safety.

3)    Always swim at a lifeguarded beach, and pay attention to the beach flags. Non-swimmers should wear properly fitted U.S. Coast Guard life jackets especially when on a boat.

4)    Take a water safety course at a local aquatic facility to learn the skills necessary to survive in the water.

5)    Learn CPR.

6)    When at a party, designate a sober adult water watcher (using a distinguishable item such as a lanyard or funny hat) for 15-minute intervals. The water watcher’s sole responsibility is to walk around the pool and watch the area without distraction. After 15 minutes, give the distinguishable item to another adult for the next watch.

Having supervision and never swimming alone are primary factors in trying to prevent water-related injuries. Enjoy the holiday, but remember, pay attention to drowning prevention.

For more information on water safety lessons and water safety/drowning prevention education, please visit the DPC website at or call 561-616-7068.The coalition is funded by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County.

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