Update: Indian River County teen found dead in bushes

Update: Indian River County teen found dead in bushes

Indian River, Fla- Francisco Magana Cendejas has been arrested for leaving a crash involving a death.

Here is the timeline of events:

On Thursday, March 1, 2018 at approximately 10:55 PM  a fatality  occurred on Country Road 613. This is 58th Ave. S. at 37th St. in Indian River County approximately .15 miles west of Vero Beach Florida.

The victim was reported missing on Saturday, March 3. He was located Friday, March 9 on the west side of the roadway within the tree line.

According to FHP there were two witnesses to the crash. According to a detective at the IRCSO the witnesses were traveling northbound on country Road 613.  A red pick up truck approached them at a high rate of speed and then entered the southbound lane to pass them. The witnesses stated  the red pick up truck then turned on the northbound lane before turning around to return to the crash site. They stated the entire front left quarter panel was torn away from the  vehicle. Then, they saw the vehicle stop and two white males green black pants and white shirts were picking up pieces of the vehicle.

The body of  19-year-old Desmond Francis Johnson was found facedown. According to FHP it was in a state of decay.

According to IRCSO on March 12, 2018 Guy Walker went to the Sheriff’s office to give information about the incident. Mr. Walker said he left his job on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at John’s Island. When he left his fellow employees Francisco Magana and Salvador Macias followed him in a red Nissan pick up truck. Both vehicles were driving west on State Road 16 at 58th Ave. Magana turned north and Walker turned west. A few moments later Mr. Walker received a phone call from Magana. He said he hit a hog on 58th Ave and wanted help picking up debris. Mr. Walker went to 3500 block of 58th Ave. where he saw the two walking in between the woodline in the roadway. He helped to pick up the debris and said he did not see anything they could have hit. Then they all went home.

After Mr. Walker saw the news article regarding the crash he asked Magana if If he saw it. Walker said he repeatedly told him to go to the Sheriffs office.

Mr. Walker also found out that the red Nissan was at Perfection Auto Body in Vero Beach. IRCSO detectives were dispatched to secure it.

Salvador Macias Rojas went to the sheriffs office voluntarily to give a statement. Mr Rojas identified Francisco Magana Cendejas as the driver and himself as the passenger. He said that they did hit something but continued north bound. He clarified he did return to the scene and that Mr Walker also was there.

After this Francisco Magana Cendejas was located at Sebastian River High School. He was then transported to the Sheriffs office for questioning. At first, he told the sheriffs office that he thought he hit a hog. Then, he said he wasn’t sure what he hit. Then he said he knew he had hit a person who was walking in the roadway but could not find him when he went back.

He said he did not call 911 to report this and fled because he was scared.

Mr Cenjalas was arrested for leaving the scene of a crash involving a death. He was transported to the Indian River County Jail.

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