New “Zero-Day” Virus Affecting Computer Systems

New “Zero-Day” Virus Affecting Systems Nationwide

By Jon Sands, AGS CORE Technologies

New “Zero-Day” Virus Affecting Systems Nationwide. There is a serious threat looming right now and it is affecting multiple systems, big to small, called the “zero-day virus”. This is a nasty infection, causing various functions to stop working, such as keyboards and mice, rendering your systems useless. Most anti-virus software is not catching it, as its brand new on the scene. The New “Zero-Day” Virus Affecting Computer Systems has been designed to circulate in your systems through unconventional means.

It is very important to follow certain precautions during this time.

1. Do not download any attachments from unknown sources.

2. Additionally, do not click any links where the destination is unknown or suspicious when using the internet.

3. Use precaution when inserting any CDs, thumb drives or external hard drives delivered to you from unknown sources.

4. If you do not have a firewall, get a firewall. A properly configured firewall will keep intruders out of your system and running smoothly.

5. Furthermore, contact your technology provider and have your systems virus-scanned meticulously and make sure your firewall protocols are up-to-date.

Following these steps will help keep your systems safe, your information secure and (most importantly) productive.

Future recovery steps are also critical.

Proper recovery tools are vital to retaining information in case preventative measures are not enough.

1. Have a quality RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) tool installed and monitored from a 3rd party vendor. This tool will allow constant monitoring and threat protection on your system. A good RMM tool will also keep all your software up-to-date, patching any holes that outdated software can present.

2. Subscribe to a quality back-up service. Most back-up services will make a copy of your current configuration. If your system is infected and has to be restored, a back-up can be placed with minimal time and effort.

Having a trusted technology provider is a vital first step to avoid or contain issues as above.

Do not ignore this issue, this virus is infecting systems nationwide.

Contact AGS CORE Technologies today and our expert technicians will analyze your systems to ensure they are setup and configured to protect you from this virus in the most effective way possible.

AGS CORE Technologies is a full-service technology firm serving the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches. They specialize in infrastructure security and IT outsourcing.

AGS CORE Technologies is your guardian against present-day dangers presented in our ever-changing and shrinking world. Call AGS for a free consultation at 772-307-2946.


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