Trying to Whittle Down a Jury in the Murder Case of Sheriff Deputy Gary Morales

Sergeant-Gary-Morales-Killed in the line of duty

Sergeant-Gary-Morales-Killed in the line of duty

Prosecutors and defense attorneys continue to whittle down a massive jury pool of 500, trying to get opening arguments going in the trial of Erise Tisdale, accused of the murder of St Lucie County Sheriff’s deputy Gary Morales, father of 2 girls.

Morales was shot 3 times in the face and neck during a traffic stop in February 2013.

Tisdale is claiming self-defense.

Once seated, the jury will decide if Tisdale is guilty of first-degree murder  and should get the death penalty.

Court is closed for Yom Kippur today.

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  • Posted 9 years ago

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