TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

Over 2,000 people died yesterday from the coronavirus.

The coronavirus continues to take its toll in Florida. The Florida Department of Health yesterday announced 42 more deaths from COVID-19. More than half of the deaths were in South Florida, including 13 in Palm Beach County. Overall, Florida has lost 296 people to the virus.

A Miami-Dade County woman is the oldest Floridian to die from the coronavirus. The Florida Department of Health reported yesterday on the death of the 101-year-old. Family members say Leona Moten-Scott died Sunday. The previous oldest person to die from the virus was a 100-year-old man in Lee County. 



More Florida hospitals are getting access to Abbott Lab’s 5 minute rapid test for COVID-19 which Governor Ron DeSantis says is a game-changer.



A cough has a Volusia County man facing an assault charge. Deputies arrested 49-year-old Christopher Canfora yesterday for an alleged incident at a store in Orange City. While at the checkout counter, deputies say Canfora purposefully coughed on the cash register and an employee. He allegedly claimed he was joking. 




Darden Restaurants is furloughing employees at its Orlando headquarters and cutting pay for those who still have jobs. Company sales dropped 70-percent when the chain transitioned to selling just carryout. Darden owns Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse and other chains. 


Petitions to reopen some beaches- closed because of the pandemic- are not swaying local governments. One petition asked St. Johns County officials to reopen beaches to surfers and recreation for limited hours. Officials say the closures are needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19-



The city of Port St. Lucie on Tuesday posted two incredibly gross pictures on their Twitter account as a reminder to “always throw wipes away!” Because of the toilet paper shortage impacting the nation, it appears some Port St. Lucie residents are resorting to other items during their trip to the bathroom. In the tweet, the city said their utility system is currently experiencing an increase in wipes and other “non-flushable items” in the sewers. “Wipes should be thrown away, not flushed — even if they say “flushable,” the city’s tweet says. Port St. Lucie is not alone in their plumbing problems, which are impacting sewer systems across the country.


John Prine, a singer and songwriter who won two Grammy Awards among 11 nominations, died on Tuesday due to complications from COVID-19 at the age of 73.

Both the New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine confirmed Prine’s death. The New York Times reported that Prine died at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville. Prine’s wife Fiona Whelan Prine, said last Friday that her husband had been on a ventilator for nearly a week at the time.

Prine twice won Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Folk Album, first in 1992 for “The Missing Years,” then in 2006 for “Fair and Square.”

Prine was set to embark on a national tour this spring.

Before his battle with COVID-19, Prine twice was diagnosed and beat cancer.


The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on families’ custody arrangements. New plans have had to be made as parents get sick or exposed to the illness and already-feuding former couples are battling over each other’s approach to stay-at-home orders. And as millions of people lose their jobs, some divorced parents are starting to ask to modify their child support arrangements, and those who rely on those checks are worrying about how they’ll get by. The chaos is unfurling as courts are closed except for emergency matters. Family lawyers and experts said they expect to see pandemic clauses in future divorce and custody agreements.


Thomas Modly, the acting Navy secretary who fired USS Theodore Roosevelt Captain Brett Crozier, resigned on Tuesday, one day after reports surfaced that he called Crozier “stupid.”

CNN reported Modly’s resignation, citing a US official and a former senior military officer.

Crozier called attention to the plight on board of the ship earlier in the week amid a massive spread of COVID-19 among sailors, which turned into a public spat between Naval leaders and Crozier. Crozier leaked a memo to a newspaper, which brought attention on the ship, which is docked in Guam. The spat resulted in Crozier’s dismissal as the ship’s captain.

TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

On Friday, Crozier left the ship with hundreds of sailors chanting “Captain Crozier,” as seen in a number of videos that have since gone viral. The New York Times reported that Crozier began exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms on Thursday.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper confirmed to CNN on Sunday that there have been 155 cases of COVID-19 on board the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy claimed Crozier not following the proper chain of command as justification for his firing.

On Monday, CNN learned that Modly told sailors that Crozier was either “too naive or too stupid” to be in command. Modly became the acting Naval secretary in November after spending two years as the under secretary of the Navy.

TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020


One million doses of a drug used to treat malaria and lupus are being shipped to Florida to treat coronavirus patients.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said on Tuesday that Amneal Pharmaceuticals is sending a massive shipment of hydroxychloroquine to the state and it’s expected to arrive on Wednesday.

“That will immediately be sent out to hospitals in Florida,” the governor said.

In addition, Teva Pharmaceuticals is sending a shipment of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, an antibiotic commonly known as a Z-Pak, to Florida from India.

The combination of those two drugs has been used to treat many COVID-19 patients across Florida.


TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

TreasureCoast Covid 19 Update April 8 2020

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