Top Jensen Beach Restaurants on the Water

A popular town situated along Florida’s picturesque Indian River and Treasure Coast, Jensen Beach offers more than just its sought-after beaches and azure waters.

It’s also a hot spot for food enthusiasts who crave the perfect blend of gastronomic delights and scenic settings. The town’s unique charm lies in its array of waterfront restaurants, where the ambiance is as captivating as the cuisine.

Imagine dining with a backdrop of shimmering waters, the soft murmur of waves complementing the clinking of glasses, and a gentle breeze that carries the aroma of freshly prepared seafood. This is what awaits you in Jensen Beach, a place where each meal is not just about the food on your plate but also the panoramic views that stretch out before you.

Waterfront restaurants in Jensen Beach offer a diverse range of culinary experiences, from classic American fare to exotic seafood dishes, most of which are infused with local flavors and ingredients.

Whether it’s a family outing, a romantic dinner, or a casual meal with friends, these Treasure Coast eateries cater to all, turning every meal into a memorable experience. Each restaurant boasts its unique character, ensuring that every visit is a new adventure in taste and sight.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top Jensen Beach restaurants on the water – each a destination in its own right, looking at who they are and what they can offer patrons. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s pull up a seat and dig in!

Our Favorite Waterfront Restaurants in Jensen Beach

Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House

Location: 1401 NE Indian River Dr.

Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House is more or less the perfect embodiment of the Florida Treasure Coast dining experience. First of all, the prime waterfront location gives patrons panoramic river views, bringing an ambiance to their meals that just can’t be beat.

It’s this picturesque setting, combined with a warm and welcoming environment, that makes it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a blend of beauty and delicious food.The menu at Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House is specifically designed to showcase its prowess in locally sourced fresh seafood. If you’re looking for one of the leading gourmet destinations in the Treasure Coast, this is it.

Offerings include the Pineapple Pina Colada Coconut Fried Shrimp and Southern Style Shrimp and Grits, which offer a pairing of traditional flavors with a creative twist. The Brie En Croute and Fried Green Tomatoes stand out as appetizers.

If you’re in the mood for something more substantial and protein-packed, the Oven Roasted Prime Rib and Filet Mignon with Bordelaise Sauce offer a luxurious dining experience. For a lighter dining experience, be sure to check them out for a wonderful Sunday brunch on the beach.

Conchy Joe’s Seafood

Location: 3945 NE Indian River Dr.

Conchy Joe’s Seafood is a super laid-back waterfront haunt that boasts an unforgettable fusion of local Floridian charm and Bahamian-style dishes. It’s known for its quirky charm and oak-grilled meats, offering a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere perfect for casual dining.

Conchy Joe’s is well-known for its atmosphere, so it’s become a go-to spot for both locals and visitors seeking a true taste of coastal Florida cuisine in a serene setting​​​​. Diving into some of the notable menu items at Conchy Joe’s, you’ll find the signature dishes that take you to another plane.

Popular hits when exploring the menu include Bahamian Cracked Conch, known for its tender yet chewy texture, and Sauteed Seafood Trinidad, a wild mix of shrimp, fresh fish, and secret spices in a sweet Caribbean cream sauce.  If you’re looking for something grilled, check out the Choice Wood Grilled NY Strip Steak and BBQ Boar Ribs, slow-cooked with Conchy’s BBQ sauce, both are local favorites.

For dessert, Conchy Joe’s Original Key Lime Pie is a must-try, along with their Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cake, offering a sweet end to a delightful meal​​​​.

Be sure to take a look at their events like the Dock ‘n’ Dine, musical bingo, ladies’ night, live music, trivia, and even crab racing.

Kyle G’s Prime Seafood & Steaks

Location: 10900 S Ocean Dr.

Kyle G’s is a captivating dining experience for travelers of all types visiting the Treasure Coast, long known as one of the favorited Jensen Beach restaurants on the water. Kyle G’s is situated right on the Atlantic Ocean, where patrons can drink in the beautiful panorama while experiencing high-quality dining.

This ambiance, blended well with the chic and modern interior makes Kyle G’s a great spot for a wide array of dining occasions ranging from casual lunch to elegant celebratory dinners.

Like most restaurants in the area, they put a heavy focus on high-quality seafood and local meat options, and combine it with excellent service and an unbeatable view, making it a great place for new visitors to try, as well as for seasoned travelers to return to.

The menu options at Kyle G’s showcase an eclectic mix of seafood-focused items, with an emphasis on freshness and expert preparation.

While the menu features some amazing dishes, some of the notable local favorites include their various seafood platters, as well as selections from their raw bar that highlight the freshest catches from local fishermen.

They offer a full oyster menu, with options that include KG’s Dirty featuring cucumber, ponzu, wasabi cream, and caviar, and Broiled, which comes as truffled parmesan lemon butter or traditional Rockefeller with bacon.

For diners who are looking for turf options, there is a robust array of meat dishes that include chops, poultry, and of course, some of the finest steaks on the coast.

Shuckers On The Beach

Location: 9800 S Ocean Dr.

Shuckers is a well-known dining destination popular for its stunning ocean views and vibrant & friendly atmosphere which offers a unique dining experience that effectively blends contemporary cuisine with extraordinary flair.

The lively bar and lounge area, complemented by live music on Saturdays and Sundays, adds to the energetic and inviting atmosphere of the location.

Shuckers is a perfect spot for various occasions, whether it’s a casual lunch, a romantic dinner, or a fun gathering with friends, and since they not only accept reservations but offer the booking of private events for up to 295 people, no matter how you want to enjoy yourself, Shuckers can make it happen.

The establishment’s diverse menu caters to a range of dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan options, and focuses on locally sourced ingredients that are expertly prepared.

Popular choices among patrons include the Reuben sandwiches, stuffed flounder, and mahi fish tacos, all praised for their fresh and flavorful ingredients.

Seafood enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of dishes, with the grouper being a notable mention, along with multiple fresh catch options depending on the season and day.

The conch chowder, clam chowder,  Thai shrimp appetizer, and key lime pie are also amazing items that have earned positive reviews for their taste, quality, and uniqueness.

In addition to these delicious offerings, Shuckers has a range of alcoholic beverages, including a unique rum bucket that features four different types of rum, along with pineapple and cranberry juice in a giant souvenir bucket that you can take home.

The restaurant’s commitment to providing high-quality, tasty food in a stunning setting makes it a must-visit destination in Jensen Beach​​.

Drift Kitchen & Bar

Location: 3793 NE Ocean Blvd

For some of the best coastal American fare, be sure you don’t miss Drift Kitchen & Bar, which crafts an enchanting dining experience that any visitor to Jensen Beach is sure to treasure.

The restaurant is part of the Hutchinson Shores Resort and is well-known for having a spectacular view and contemporary setting that effectively blends the comfort of a casual setting with an elegant flair, which makes it perfect for a relaxing breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or an intimate dinner.

The cuisine at Drift is a well-executed fusion of Italian classics, seafood innovations, and hearty homestyle Italian favorites.

The dinner menu is known for having many of the best dishes that Drift Kitchen & Bar has to offer, with starters like skillet focaccia, spinach & artichoke fonduta, and sweet lump blue crab cakes setting the mood for an incredibly indulgent meal, alongside lighter options like the Broken Caesar and the Drift salads.

The staggeringly delicious sea-based main courses include rock shrimp linguini, pappardelle bolognese, day boat scallops, coastal shellfish stew, and the beloved local favorite crab-crusted grouper.

Turf-lovers aren’t left out, however, and classics like center-cut filet and NY strip making an appearance on the butcher block menu.

If you’re looking for a blend of classic and exotic flavors, overlaid with the unforgettable backdrop of the waterfront, Drift Kitchen & Bar should definitely be on your list.

Final Thoughts

The best Jensen Beach restaurants on the water are a bold and eclectic mix of culinary and dining experiences, each one with its flavor of coastal Florida dining.

Whether you prefer the casual charm of Lures, the vibrant energy of Shuckers, the family-friendly atmosphere of Mulligan’s Beach House, or the engaging, inventive cuisine at Dolphin Bar, there are options for every craving and palate.

There are plenty of options, so head to one of these Jensen Beach waterfront restaurants tonight for an unforgettable dining experience.

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