The Shrub Queen: Make America Garden Again

Make America Garden Again!

All political commentary aside, watching events unfold this weekend sparked a patriotic arrangement for this Monday. Red, white and blue for the United States of America. Hopefully we will put aside our animosity and pick up our garden tools. I do think a new era of activism and civic participation has been unleashed. I was amazed to see the rest of the world participate. It is a wonderful thing we are witnessing as it happens before our very eyes.

The props with this arrangement are a flag crocheted by my mother in law (long gone). It was  a Fourth of July gift some years ago. After she retired, she sat in her Living Room and crocheted. We had a crocheted something for every occasion and then some. I was happy to find that volunteer organizations (Women’s shelters, especially) often like these handmade items and have been happy to pass them along. The bells (Let Freedom Ring, anyone?) were collected by my father when he was stationed in India during World War II.


The vase is English, a teapot in my favorite Blue Willow pattern. I was thrilled to find a new piece at the thrift shop this week. I inherited some from my grandmother and have been collecting it for about 30 years.

The red, white and blue flowers are in red. Tropical Red Salvia (Salvia coccinea) in blue.Tropical Plumbago (Plumbago auriculata), in white.  Sweet Begonias (Begonia odorata ‘Alba’) in the center, difficult to see is a Hallelujah Billbergia Bromeliad. There are a few sprigs of Dill flowers from the herb garden and some Asian Sword Ferns for foliage. Here is a close up of the Bromeliad flower:


Hallelujah Billbergia Bromeliad seems pretty patriotic!

Amelia Grant

The Shrub Queen

Jensen Beach, FL

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