The Honest Broker:The Tiny House Movement

The Honest Broker: The Tiny House Movement

By:  Diane Lott, Broker       Paradise Found Realty

In Florida, tiny home communities are attracting those seeking an unconventional yet affordable way of living. There are pros and cons of living in a tiny home. The top of the list of advantages would be affordability, followed by mobility, eco-friendliness, ease of building and customization.


More Affordable to Live– Affordability in Florida is controversial. It depends on how the funds are spent, such as on high-end materials or purchase of a lot. In Florida, it typically costs $60,000 to build a tiny home. They have lower maintenance and construction costs and consume less energy.

Great Mobility– A unique thing about living in a tiny home is its portability, especially among remote workers. In Florida, this experience can be pleasing since there are many interesting places to visit.

Eco-Friendly- Environmental advocates suggest tiny houses generate a smaller eco-footprint mainly for 2 reasons. They need fewer resources to build and consume less energy. Moreover, they often incorporate sustainable features like solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient appliances.

Easy to Build  Their smaller size makes them faster to construct and use less resources than traditional homes.  Furthermore, there are prefabricated designs for tiny houses, which can take a few weeks to build.

Easy to Customize– Tiny homes give you the option to tailor space according to your specific needs and preferences. Its builders can customize the interior layout, design elements, and storage spaces of a tiny house because of its smaller square footage. You can either optimize the space to maximize functionality or create a cozy living environment.


Disadvantages of tiny homes include having less resale value, being crowded, having less personal space and can be illegal in some places.

Less Resale Value– Unlike large conventional homes, the value of tiny homes tends to decline over time which results in lower resale values compared to larger and more traditional ones. As a result, most tiny homeowners face a loss when they sell. Therefore, the market for tiny homes is limited and should not be considered as a long-term investment.

Crowded– If it is about living by yourself, a tiny home can be the perfect option. This is particularly true in Florida since you can travel to many places with your home. If residing in a tiny home community, you will be near to your neighbors. This will reduce privacy, and noise may come from neighboring homes. So, you should consider your comfort level before moving into a tiny home community.   

Reduced Personal Space– It will become more challenging when there are other people living with you. This will not only reduce your personal space but also theirs as well as having less storage space in a tiny home.

Illegal in Some Places– Be sure to check if there are any zoning laws or local codes. Some municipal building standards don’t permit building a home with a small structure. Luckily, Florida is very tolerant of small houses; there are no statewide laws or legal requirements.

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