Texting During Driving Could Be a Primary Offense in Florida

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Texting During Driving Could Be a Primary Offense in Florida

By Matt Galka

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WFLA) – Lawmakers are cracking down on the risky behavior of texting behind the wheel. Right now, it’s all too common, but there’s nothing law enforcement can do about it.

That could all change as lawmakers consider making it a primary offense.

A texting while driving simulator was on display in the capitol as lawmakers once again made the push to make texting while driving a primary offense.

Texting behind the wheel is currently a secondary offense in the state of Florida, but lawmakers say that’s not doing enough to bring down traffic fatalities. This year the bill will have a Republican sponsor in the House.

Rep. Keith Perry said, ““We all do it, and I text and drive. I do it rarely, but I find myself doing that. It was a debate for me whether or not I wanted to take the bill on, but it’s so important and if I get a ticket, then I get a ticket, I need one and I deserve one.”

As a secondary offense, only 1800 traffic citations were given out for texting while driving last year.

The bill is now filed in both the house and senate.  Only five states including Florida list texting while driving as a secondary offense.

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