Sweethearts & Heroes segment 8: Following up

Sweethearts & Heroes, Sweethearts & Heroes segment 7: Short-term and long-term fixes

Sweethearts & Heroes – Segment 8: Following up

In our last segment — the seventh of 27 that that are intended to provide you with tips, strategies and character-related conversations about the Sweethearts & Heroes mission — Sweethearts & Heroes co-founders Jason Spector and Tom Murphy discussed short- and long-term fixes to bullying.

Students need long-term solutions to mature and grow, Tom says below, in our eighth video clip, but “in the bullying world,” as he notes, short-term solutions are important; and so is follow-up.

Jason uses various methods as a means to following up with students, such as sticky notes and lists to constant updates on his daily planner.

Following up is an essential part of the Sweethearts & Heroes A-B-C Plan — the “Stop, Drop and Roll of bullying,” as Jason notes in this clip. Following up “is an important one,” Jason says. For him, following up started as a challenge.

“It’s kind of become a habit,” Jason says.

Watch the video clip below to hear Jason explain more about how educators can be “carriers of hope,” especially when they follow up, and how Jason has followed up with one particular young man in crisis:

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