Sweethearts & Heroes, Segment 3: Bully Reform Specialists

"Sweethearts & Heroes"

Sweethearts & Heroes, segment 3: Bully reform specialists

What is a bully reform specialist?

That is the question that Sweethearts & Heroes co-founders Jason Spector and Tom Murphy address in the third segment of a 27-part series of videos that are filled with conversations, tips and strategies related to the Sweethearts & Heroes mission.

In this installment, Jason, a teacher in Glens Falls, N.Y., describes a new student that entered his district this year. He was an aggressive, macho, challenging young man with a penchant for shadow boxing.

“I didn’t take my eye off him much,” Jason says.

Through teachable moments, Jason helped the student become more peaceful, centered and calm.

“I think that teachers need to look at their jobs a little more differently when they’re faced with that kid,” Jason says in the clip below. “Really, one of the most rewarding jobs we can do is to have an effect on a kid like that.”

But, as Tom asks here, how can that happen? One way, Jason say, is to stay fascinated with students, and be less frustrated.

Watch the short video below to learn more…

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