Sweethearts and Heroes segment 24: “B” is for ‘B’uddy.

“B” is for ‘B’uddy

“B” is for ‘B’uddy

Sweethearts and Heroes segment 24: B is for Buddy.

A-B-C Action plan — the “Stop, Drop and Roll” of bullying


We’re nearing the end of our series on short clips that we developed to offer you tips and strategies related to Sweethearts and Heroes.

In our last segment, we started discussing our A-B-C Action plan — the “Stop, Drop and Roll” of bullying — by introducing “A,” which stands for Avoidance that leads to Assertiveness. Today, we talk about “B,” which is for ‘B’uddy.

Sweethearts and Heroes co-founder Tom Murphy explains below that all any human being really wants is to be “noticed, recognized and have someone care for us.” To be a ‘B’uddy, we must recognize that someone else isn’t feeling that way, and ensure that they do.

“It’s about making (other people) feel special and noticed,” Tom says, also noting that being a ‘B’uddy is one of the most important superpowers that a Sweetheart or Hero can have in a school setting.

However, as Tom also notes, being a ‘B’uddy is not always easy for students. He confesses here that when he was in school, he did not use that superpower to help others.

Our co-founder, Jason Spector, says here that once students start using this superpower — the ability to be a ‘B’uddy to someone that needs one — they find that it grows.

“It becomes contagious,” Jason says. “They want to help more and do more.”

Watch this video below to hear Jason explain the variety of ways he uses ‘B’ in our Action Plan:


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