Sweethearts & Heroes Segment 18: Finding Tens


Sweethearts & Heroes Segment 18: Finding Tens

Sweethearts & Heroes Segment 18: Finding Tens

t’s a life strategy for success that Sweethearts and Heroes co-founder Tom Murphy has applied to his professional and personal life, and now he’s infused it into his Sweethearts and Heroes assemblies.

“Pull your phones out,” he tells students and teachers, when he presents Sweethearts and Heroes at schools.

“Now, go find your favorites,” he says, meaning the top five people that they call or text most.

From those top five, he then asks students and teachers to rate them on a scale of 1-10 — with 10 being the most active, giving, and motivated to make themselves and others better; those on the other end of the scale — at 1 — are the opposite.

“(The tens) aren’t better than anyone else,” Tom says in this segment below, which is one in a series intended to give you strategies and tips related to Sweethearts and Heroes. “I’m just saying they’re trying to make the world better.”

Or, as a doctor once said, “You will only be as healthy as your five closest friends.”

“One of the secrets in life is to surround yourself with people that are going to push you and to make you better,” Tom says in this clip. The next step, he adds, is to become those tens and help others become them, too.

Watch below to hear Sweethearts and Heroes co-founder Jason Spector, a teacher in Glens Falls, NY., explain how he tells students to find their tens:

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