Sweethearts & Heroes Segment 11: Perspective & Jimmer Fredette

Sweethearts & Heroes Segment 11: Perspective & Jimmer Fredette

Sweethearts & Heroes Segment 11: Perspective & Jimmer Fredette

In our last segment, Sweethearts & Heroes co-founders Tom Murphy and Jason Spector discussed the importance of cultivating the “wilting flowers” — those students in crisis that could benefit from changes in perspective by those on the outside, looking in.

In this clip below (one of 27 made for you about Sweethearts & Heroes strategies and tips), Tom and Jason discuss a situation that occurs in every educational setting, one in which students and teachers alike can gain important perspective: partnering.

Partnering students can be an art form for physical education instructors like Jason, a teacher a Glens Falls, N.Y. “It’s always a dilemma for the teacher on how to do that” and maintain a “safe, Sweethearts & Heroes-friendly environment,” Jason says below.

It’s age-appropriate for students to want a similar partner in class, but, as Jason also notes below, teachers can use partnering to create teachable moments and put students on a higher level of thinking.

Enter Jimmer Fredette.

Jim “Jimmer” Fredette is an NBA star for the New Orleans Pelicans who is from Jason’s hometown. While interviewing Jimmer’s parents for a book on youth sports (which is in the works!), Jason learned that when Jimmer was in school, he intentionally partnered with less athletic kids in gym class — sincerely, and without condescension.

“That is a very powerful message,” Jason says in this video clip. “That may be one of the things that made that man a pro.”

Watch below to learn how Jason applied Jimmer’s technique during a badminton lesson in his class:

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