Surveillance video shows final moment of Ortiz’s life

Surveillance video shows final moment of Ortiz’s life

Martin County, Fl- Surveillance video seems to show the final moments of a young Fort Pierce woman who was found dead on a local beach.

23-year old Diana Ortiz was found dead at Jensen Public Beach early Saturday morning. 23-year old Oscar Gil was quickly arrested in the case. In the arrest affidavit released by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, it’s revealed that surveillance video from the beach appears to show a man with a woman in a choke hold for about 10 minutes.

The two had fallen from a pickup and struggled before the woman broke free and ran. The man returned alone to the pickup and accelerated to where the woman had run.

Investigators said the woman’s body could be seen under the truck’s front bumper. The video also shows the man trying to lift the body into the truck, but he is unable to do so and leaves it behind. Deputies also say that Gil called one of his friends and said quote “I killed Diana bro”. Gil’s cousin also called Fort Pierce Police, telling them that Gil called her and said he messed up and that he’d rather end up dead than in prison.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office arrested 23-year-old Oscar Gil of Fort Pierce after detectives say he killed a female acquaintance and left her body in the parking lot of Sea Turtle Beach in Jensen Beach. The victim is 23-year-old Diana Ortiz of Fort Pierce. Ortiz and Gil were at the beach inside Gil’s vehicle early in the morning.

Detectives say they both exited the vehicle at which point the suspect began strangling Ortiz. She fell to the ground and detectives believe Gil struck her with his vehicle before leaving. A beachgoer discovered her body. Gil was later involved in a car crash in Stuart. He attempted to flee that scene, but was captured by Stuart police. After further investigation, Stuart police notified Martin County detectives that Gil was connected to the deceased woman. After Gil was released from the hospital for injuries related to the car crash, he was taken into custody. Oscar Gil will be charged with first degree murder.

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