Summer School is Here – Celebrate It

If you’re like me, you believe that the art of teaching is the greatest profession ever. It is virtually the only profession you get a whole two months off to re-start on a clean slate in September.  Summer is a great time to recharge. A time to clean the slate, set new goals, and get caught up on all those things that you didn’t get to during the year.  I personally like to spend time with my family, maybe take a trip and travel, catch up on my workouts and see places we haven’t been.

Summer can be much more than that though, thanks to Sweethearts & Heroes 10-week Super Hero Training Program.  One of our biggest obstacles in creating a “Sweetheart & Hero friendly environment” in the schools we visit, is the fact that we have not had the opportunity to spend any significant training/presentation time directly with the teachers. Teachers steer the ship. Their mood, attitude, and styles ultimately dictate the school climate. They have the most contact time with kids throughout the year.  We want to train teachers…… that’s why we feel that summer is the perfect time to spend developing your “inner Sweethearts & Heroes”.  I can’t tell you how many times after one of our presentations that a teacher will approach us and share their “aha” moment. They share their feelings of how powerful our message is and express how it will change their teaching approach, after just one presentation.

So with that being said, it’s time to get on board the “Sweetheart Train”. There are a total of 12 stops, with the ultimate destination of achieving Superhero Status.  All you have to do is read our weekly emails.  It’s a guarantee your students will benefit and equally important, you will benefit from our strategies.  This will allow you to create the right environment for growth and learning. Be careful though, this is powerful stuff and you might become addicted!

Jason Spector 

Middle School Physical Educator

Oliver W. Winch Middle School

South Glens Falls Varsity Wrestling

South Glens Falls Co-Founder Sweethearts and Heroes

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