Summer Fun for Children at “Camp Hibiscus”

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The summer can be a magical time for kids! Enjoying family outings and special adventures is a highlight for most children. Thanks to the generosity of our community and dedication of our volunteers, the children residing at the Hibiscus Children’s Shelter in Jensen Beach are enjoying the same wonderful opportunities.   “Camp Hibiscus” is a ten-week program that provides recreational and educational outings and field trips for abused children, ages 3 – 12 years.   Every child deserves to share in the joys and laughter that childhood brings. Children who come from abusive homes do not typically have these special memories. Hibiscus Children’s Center provides safety, shelter and counseling, but it also knows that summer camp activities are a critical component to helping children heal and have a sense of normalcy in their young lives.


Hibiscus volunteers are some of the most committed and caring individuals. We could not provide these exciting opportunities without their help.   Two of our volunteers that accompanied the children on recent field trips to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios shared with us what these outings meant to the children and to them personally.


Susan Schieren shared, “I went on both trips with Hibiscus to help the staff chaperone the children. On my first trip to Islands of Adventure, I accompanied young girls ages 3-6 years. On the second trip to Universal Studios, I accompanied a group of young boys ages 3-6 years and a young girl, age 3. Both experiences were quite different but amazing and very rewarding. I fell in love with each child! The excitement on the children’s faces and the laughter and discussions about their experiences on the bus ride home are memories I will cherish forever”.


Nancy Ritter shared, “It was my first time meeting children from the Hibiscus Shelter. I immediately fell in love with them. They said it was their best day ever at Islands of Adventure and it was also one of my best days! It was such joy seeing the expressions on their faces when we arrived at the park. Of course, they wanted to hit the rides immediately. Most of our time was spent in Seuss Land because the younger children didn’t meet the height requirement for many of the other rides. But it was no problem…we all enjoyed everything. At the end of our day, the boys in my group picked flowers and put them in my hair…aaah!”


Hibiscus Children’s Center is deeply grateful to all the summer camp volunteers and supporters who are providing memorable experiences for the children. As both Susan and Nancy have said, the children’s laughter and expressions of joy are the best rewards. Working together, we are changing the lives of abused children and helping them move forward from a past filled with trauma and fear to a brighter future filled with hope.

For more information about Hibiscus Children’s Center services and volunteer opportunities, please visit us at


PHOTO: (L) Volunteers Susan Schieren and Nancy Ritter at Islands of Adventure theme park helping to chaperone the children during a “Camp Hibiscus” field trip.


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