Street art aims to slow neighborhood traffic

Street art aims to slow neighborhood traffic

PORT ST. LUCIE – There’s a new colorful, creative way to help slow down traffic in the Southbend neighborhood.
At the intersection of Southbend Boulevard and SE East Snow Road, the City of Port St. Lucie has installed a raised intersection and two rows of red hearts. The raised intersection encourages traffic to slow down, and the hearts give drivers a visual image and reminder to help reduce speeds in this pedestrian-friendly park area.
“The street art goes beyond traffic calming,” said Public Works Engineer/CIP Frank Knott. “It brings a sense of community by honoring the memory of Jessica Clinton, a 17-year resident who died in 2003 due to an undiagnosed heart condition.”
The Public Works Department suggested the raised intersection and the eight hearts to the Southbend residents at a 2020 traffic-calming public workshop. The residents appreciated the sentiment and connection to the neighboring 20-acre Jessica Clinton Memorial Community Park, which features exercise trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, a baseball field, a soccer field, a playground, party pavilions and a tranquil memorial garden with bricks bearing the names of loved ones lost.
One of the automated external defibrillators given out by the Jessica Clinton MVP Foundation is available at the park. The Jessica Clinton MVP Foundation provides CPR training and AEDs to schools, parks, playgrounds and recreations facilities throughout Florida. It also creates an awareness campaign to educate the public about hidden heart conditions and to encourage electrocardiogram (EKG) screening for people of all ages.
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