Sheriff Ken Mascara Reacts to Jose Nava Verdict

Sheriff Ken Mascara Reacts to Jose Nava Verdict

Today, Sheriff Ken Mascara announced that Jose Nava has been found guilty on all counts except for one attempted murder charge.

“Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increase in violent encounters against law enforcement officers. This incident, which occurred on November 16, 2018, is one of the most violent encounters we can ever remember occurring in St. Lucie County,” said Mascara.

After conducting a routine traffic stop, Deputy Matthew Ellison came under fire. After the suspect vehicle drove away, pursuing deputies also came under fire. Sheriff Mascara was en route to render first aid to Deputy Ellison when he also came under fire and entered the chase. In total, Jose Nava fired an estimated 150 rounds at law enforcement officers in the chase.

“I am so proud of my deputies’ actions in neutralizing this violent event. They acted without hesitation and with extreme valor . . . the whole time while taking fire. I am profoundly thankful that neither one of my deputies nor anyone from our community were injured during this reckless and violent rampage. I’m also thankful for our assisting state attorneys for bringing this case to justice and the jury who convicted Nava of the charges,” said Mascara.

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