Strategy 1: Painting Our Thumbs, Why We Do It!


Strategy 1: Painting our thumbs, why we do it!

Dear Sweethearts and Heroes,

This is the first in a 27-part series of videos from Sweethearts & Heroes co-founders Jason Spector and Tom Murphy, who are tagged as “superheroes” in each short segment.

As you’ll hear Tom explain in the introduction to this first installment, these clips contain character-related conversations, strategies and tips related to the Sweethearts & Heroes mission. They are meant to spark ideas and discussion within the sweethearts and heroes among you. (Or, as Tom puts it: “There’s some great value that we know will help you.”)

Segment one, included here, contains a great story about why Tom’s fingernails are red. (Clue: it’s relevant to texting and driving.)

Tom’s right index finger is also painted blue. “I could kill someone with this finger,” he says in this first clip.

What does he mean? And how does this statement — and Tom’s multi-colored fingernails — connect to Sweethearts & Heroes?

“I kind of consider myself a human billboard,” Jason says here. “Anytime you can advertise things that are positive and share our message, it certainly works out well.”

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