St Lucie Sheriff releases body camera video of deputy being stabbed

St Lucie Sheriff releases body camera video of  deputy being stabbed

(Disturbing video warning.)

St.Lucie County, Fl ( St Lucie Sheriff has released the dramatic body camera video of  Deputy Cody Colangelo being stabbed in the neck by an emotionally overcome woman that he was trying to help.

The  Sheriff’ deputies responded to a rollover crash in the 12500 block of South Indian River Drive around 11 p.m. Wednesday and found a vehicle unoccupied.

Deputy Cody Colangelo  located the driver of the car walking along the shoreline down an embankment near the crash scene. The driver was identified as Leigha Michelle Day.

Colangelo’s body cam video was released on Friday.

Colangelo: What’s going on?”

Day:”I don’t know,”

Colangelo””Were you just in a crash?”

Day walks away.

Colangelo: “Ma’am, come up here. Don’t walk away.”

“Walk upstairs, alright? Let’s get out of this water area.”

Day: I don’t wanna. I’m scared,”

Colangelo”Don’t run. Slowly walk,”

Day gets about halfway up the stairs. Then, she turns  suddenly turning and stabs Colangelo in the neck.

Day ran off and Colangelo fired one shot at her, but missed.

Colangelo chased after Day while applying pressure to his wound.

Then, Colangelo lost sight of Day and began radioing other deputies for help. Authorities eventually found Day hiding down an embankment and took her into custody.

Colangelo underwent a two-hour surgery during which doctors replaced part of the artery in his neck with one from his leg. The deputy is now in stable condition in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

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