St Lucie Locks will be open to the max.

St Lucie Locks will be open to the max.

Big Discharges Continue into St Lucie River

The Gates are Open! Photo: Marjorie Shropshire

The Gates are Open!
Photo: Marjorie Shropshire

So remember last week when it was suppose to be a little discharges. Little itty bitty ones so we we wouldn’t be deluged. It would be better they said.

Sorry, it’s just not true.

Despite releasing water from Lake Okeechobee this past week, the level of the lake keeps rising, now up to over 16 feet. The Army Corp of Engineers have said they need to get that level down to 12 feet, and have announced that in order to do that they are about to open all the locks quote, “to the max”. That could mean nearly 5 billions of gallons of water being released each day.

When the dirty water comes, the salinity on the lagoon drops. Then oysters die.

Scientists say all those oysters we’ve been bagging as a community to clean our river are all going to die within a week.

A week.

Why was the SFWMD not managing the water all along?  Why have they not been sending clean water south all along?   Why, if we have  been spending billions of dollars to fix the dike to protect the people is it not done?





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