St. Lucie County has joined the W.R.A.P. movement

St. Lucie County has joined the W.R.A.P. movement

St Lucie County, Fl-St. Lucie County has joined the W.R.A.P. movement.The Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP) is a national public awareness and outreach initiative designed to make plastic film – including wraps, bags, and flexible packaging – a commonly recycled material with a strong and ever-growing recycling rate.

Plastic bags and wraps can be frustrating for conscientious residents of St Lucie County.

Most people know they should recycle them, but you’re not supposed to put them in the recycle containers picked up weekly from your curb.

Now, the county has set up four locations where you can drop off things like retail and carryout plastic bags, furniture and electronic plastic wrap, product wrap for paper towels, napkins, and other items, and more.

The four drop off locations are the St Lucie County Baling and Recycle Facility, FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s Visitors Center in Fort Pierce, Port St Lucie’s Community Center, and the Morningside Branch Library in Port St Lucie. 

Please recycle only clean, dry plastic bags and film. Remove receipts or any other items from bags.

Examples include:

  • Retail, carryout, produce, newspaper, bread, and dry cleaning bags (clean, dry and free of receipts and clothes hangers)
  • Zip-top food storage bags (clean and dry)
  • Plastic shipping envelopes (remove labels), bubble wrap and air pillows (deflate)
  • Product wrap on cases of water/soda bottles, paper towels, napkins, disposable cups, bathroom tissue, diapers, and female sanitary products
  • Furniture and electronic wrap
  • Plastic cereal box liners (but if it tears like paper, do not include)
  • Any film packaging or bag that has the How2Recycle Label shown at right

*Not all items are accepted at all drop-off locations. Check with your local drop-off to see what is accepted.

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