Small house? Smart guidelines to make it more spacious

Small house? Smart guidelines to make it more spacious

Don’t you hate small spaces that feel cluttered and suffocating? Your home should be your sanctuary, your private space of joy and merriment, not your prison. Many homeowners these days are avid shoppers. They buy coffee tables, sofas, chairs, rugs, paintings, and accessories at random with the purpose to make their homes stylish and comfortable. But they somehow get lost along the way. There are so many different styles and so many websites where you can get inspired from, which is why we often become confused. But don’t despair as these easy tricks everyone can implement to revive their homes and make it seem bigger and airy without breaking the bank.

All eyes on window treatments

Window treatments dictate the way a home looks and feels. Proper fitting matters just as much as texture, fabric, and color palette. In a small room – whether a kitchen, living or bedroom – your window treatments should emphasize on three core elements: soft colors, see-through textures, and type. Shutters are great in the kitchen, whereas drapes that add fluidity work best in the living. As for the colors, light ivory, baby blues, and creamy nuances are ideal choices.

Ditch the clutter

Bookcases are overrated, not to mention that they make a small space feel too congested and agglomerated. As an alternative, you could go for shelves in the living area. Place just a few decor items, like favorite books and magazines, candles, and a cute painting, and get rid of the rest. Today’s hottest trend in interior decor is all about simplicity. Open shelves allow you to play with other elements in your home, such as the curtains, or furniture. If you want to keep things organized, invest in  set of chic boxes in different sizes. Storage is key when the purpose is to widen and expand.

Top-to-bottom furniture & decor elements

We love top-to-bottom furniture because it helps us store things we need without cluttering tiny rooms. Also, slim and tall decor elements add height and create a very pleasing impression of extra space. Most houses have narrow entryways where guests almost feel trapped. You should widen it with mirrors on both sides. Their translucency adds width making your hallway seem 3 times bigger and airier.

Soft & light colorings 

Warm, darker colors make our homes feel incredibly intimate and cozy. But when the space available is not at all generous, the best thing that you can do is switch to lighter shades. Color combos of light beige and ivory in a tiny kitchen will change it completely, making it feel a lot more spacious. For the best effect, how about adding some soft blue to the mix? It goes really well in pastel yellow and really light beige especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

A very cool trend this season is the monochromatic decor. Tone-on-tone upholstery fabrics, delicate drapery and textured wall finishes will make your kitchen seem fresher and really avantgarde. Openness should be your mantra, and that effect can be easily obtained in any room of the house with light color combos on the walls and furniture.

Light up your rooms

Regardless of the size of your rooms, you can always make them bigger with proper lighting. If your home is positioned in an area with plenty of natural light, you should make the most of it. Go for lighter curtains, coffee tables made of glass, transparent decor elements, and pastel nuances on the walls will instantly make any small space appear more spacious and airy. On the other hand, if there’s not a lot of natural light coming into your home, widen your rooms with artificial lighting. Install track lighting, include more lamps in the living area, or place more candles to widen your space and emphasize on the illusion of freshness and cleanness.

When was the last time you changed your home’s appeal? Make a investment and splurge with new curtains, blankets, rugs, and throw pillows to make your rooms feel fresher and airier. Decide on light colorings and you’ll love the new vibe: cool, cozy and comfortable but without the clutter effect.





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