Sheriff’s and Police Hold Active Shooter Training Session

Martin County Sheriff Office

Martin County Sheriff Office

The thought of a mass shooting is a nightmare situation for any law enforcement officer. That’s why law enforcement agencies continue to train and prepare for the possibility of another mass shooting.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office and Stuart Police held their first active shooter training session of the year.

Sgt. Micah Skowronski, a SWAT member who runs the Martin County School Resource Officer program, says they’ve always done simulations like this, but since the San Bernardino shootings, they’ve ramped up preparations.

Sgt. Skowronski puts different groups of deputies and officers through very realistic scenarios with advisors watching every move. The advisers grade them on whether they’ve checked a doorway or an officer’s back. They also make sure they’ve communicated with other officers properly.

Deputy Steve Franklin has been an school resource officer for 16 years. He said the training is imperative.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office says they plan to continue training every day this month.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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