Sheriff Seeks Help in Sex Predator Investigation

Sheriff Seeks Help in Sex Predator Investigation

St Lucie , Fla- Sheriff Ken Mascara asks for the public’s help in an investigation involving registered sexual predator John Edward Reese.

Reese, 48, violently attacked and raped two women in Stuart in 1997 – one was 55 the other was 69 years old.  He was then arrested and charged with kidnapping, sexual battery, battery on the elderly, aggravated battery and threat of force.  He was convicted of sexual battery by threat of force and sexual battery with great force and sentenced to 20 years in prison.  John Reese served 17 of those 20 years. He was released in 2014 on supervised, GPS monitored probation for four years with the lifetime designation as a sexual predator.

“During a routine address check on January 4th, our detectives found Reese to be out of compliance with his mandatory curfew requirement,” said Sheriff Ken J. Mascara. “His probation officer was notified and Reese was arrested on January 9th for that violation and he was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail and is still there pending a parole board hearing.”

According to the Sheriff, on January 10th, TC Palm published a listing of felony arrests from the day before and included John Reese in that list.

“As a result of that listing, a brave woman came forward. She stated that she too had been raped by Reese and only now felt safe to report it after seeing he was in jail,” Mascara said. “She stated that he had repeatedly threatened her life and the lives of her children.”

According to the Sheriff, detectives are currently investigating these claims and charges could be forthcoming.

“As part of this investigation, I want to ask for the public’s help,” Mascara said. “If anyone has ever been threatened, attacked or abused by John Edward Reese, please call our detectives at 772-462-3230.  You are now safe.  He cannot harm you.  We need your help in putting this violent offender behind bars so he can’t hurt anyone else.”


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