Sheriff Mascara lays out case against Hamner

Yesterday Sheriff Ken Mascara laid out the case against Kenny Hamner.  Sheriff Mascara said as Mr Hamner was being loaded into an ambulance he provided Deputies with a false description of a subject that never existed. The Sheriff’s office also believes that  Hamner’s wounds were self inflicted to further deter the investigation. The injuries were a cut to his forearm.
Once Hamner was released from the hospital he was questioned by detectives and provided further contradictory information. They started to suspect him after discussions with the neighbors and information did not add up. Forensic and trace evidence was collected:  the contradictory statements, the work of the crime scene technicians, SLCSO detectives and the Crime Lab staff. This resulted in probable cause that Hamner killed his mother Shelia Hamner.
Shelia has arrived home at 2:10 the afternoon of the murder and the first call to the Sheriff’s office was received at 3:41.
Sheriff Mascara said they were provided many tips and information from the people that lived in the neighborhood. Hammer was under surveillance for three weeks after the murder.

Hammer was arrested on January 3 and charged with 3rd degree murder. He was booked into the St Lucie County Jail with no bond.
The investigation is ongoing and we will be updating as information is provided.




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  • Posted 7 years ago

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