Sea Turtle Hatchling Season Ramps Up

As Sea Turtle Hatchling Season Ramps Up Remember Sea Turtle Friendly Practices on St. Lucie County Beaches


Threatened and endangered sea turtle hatchlings emerge in large numbers on St. Lucie County beaches beginning in June. Residents are asked to remember to exercise sea turtle friendly practices on the beaches during the summer months when hatchlings emerge in large numbers. Sea turtle nesting season is in effect from March 1 through Nov. 15.


Sea Turtle Friendly Practices include:

  • Curbing your pet’s activities. Walton Rocks Beach, 6700 South Ocean Drive, Jensen Beach, is the official dog beach in St. Lucie County and dogs should be monitored especially during nesting season.  Digging up sea turtle nests in a serious matter.
  • Do not disturb sea turtle nests. Nesting sea turtles should not be disturbed.
  • Hatchlings should not be handled and should be given clear access to the ocean.  Disoriented sea turtle hatchlings can be reported to Florida Fish and Wildlife at 1-888-404-FWCC.
  • Please remove all beach furniture. Trash should be disposed of properly.
  • Call local police or the Florida Fish and Wildlife if someone is harassing sea turtles or poaching.
  • Follow proper lighting requirements. Sea turtle friendly lighting requirements remain in effect during nesting season. In St. Lucie County, these requirements are in effect from March 1 through Nov. 15.


For additional information about Sea Turtle Friendly Beaches, please contact Ken Gioeli, Natural Resources Extension Agent, at 772-462-1660 or via email at ktgioeli@ufl.eduFor Code Compliance questions, please contact Monica Graziani at 772-462-1553.

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