Ron Desantis to us “Buckle up!” and asks entire SFWMD board to resign

Ron Desantis to us “Buckle up!” and asks entire SFWMD board to resign

Last week Ron Desantis told us to ignore the #footdraggers and #naysayers and buckle up. Less than 48 hours after being sworn in he hit the road and both coasts and brought good news to all that have been working on our water crisis.

The Governor started his morning in Bonita Springs calling us to act now.  He signed an executive order that allocates $2.5 billion dollars for Everglades restoration and water resource protection over the next four years.

Governor Ron DeSantis is making big moves on water policy… including a call to clean house at one of the state’s water management boards. The new governor is asking all members of the South Florida Water Management District panel, to step down immediately. That’s after board members agreed to lease land intended for an Everglades reservoir to the Florida Crystals sugar company. DeSantis’ water initiative includes adding a billion dollars to spending on Everglades restoration and the creation of a blue-green algae task force, as well as addressing RED tide on Florida’s west coast and creating a chief science officer post.

“I’m coming here today to follow through with what I said I would do,” he said.

Then DeSantis, in his second full day as governor, called for a fresh start at SFWMD. The governor sent  letters to all board members, asking for their resignations.

DeSantis also wants the state to fight any attempts at offshore drilling and fracking.  

Rick Scott, on his way out the door,  announced the appointments of more than 70 people to various boards and committees. Governor Ron Desantis pulled them all back.

We all became #giddy even Carl Hiasson. He wrote this:

When it comes to saving Florida’s environment, DeSantis gets it — so far

Many of the SFWMD board are refusing to resign. Congressman Brian Mast blasted them.

“The governor shall have authority to remove from office any officer of said (water management) district in the manner and for cause defined by the laws of this state applicable to situations which may arise in said district,”“The arrogance displayed over the past 24 hours by the board is indicative of how they have operated for the better part of the last decade — without transparency and with disdain for the people of South Florida who have been made to suffer through lost summer after lost summer,” Mast said in a news release. “They have failed to exercise even the most basic, legally required level of transparency and, therefore, should be removed for cause.”


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