Update from Pamela Cohen regarding Austin’s cell phone

April 24 , 2016 Sunday Update – Pamela Cohen

Statement from Pamela Cohen, Perry's mom

Statement from Pamela Cohen, Perry’s mom

“The fact that since mid March and as of today April 24th, the Stephanos family has not provided consent to FWC to have the iPhone remain in the custody of law enforcement for data retrieval is not only incomprehensible to us as parents, it is also an insult to our community, the men and woman in uniform from local and government agencies and the tens of thousands of private citizens, volunteers and children nationwide that worked and prayed so tirelessly in the search and rescue efforts to find our son Perry and his dear friend Austin. In light of the new evidence of the missing boat and Iphone, and the lack of cooperation from the Stephanos family, and the fact that FWC informed us late Friday afternoon, April 21st of the decision that the Iphone would be turned over to Blu Stepahnos on Monday morning April 25th without any examination by authorities. We have no choice but to reach out to State Attorney Dave Aronberg’s office who can simply issue a warrant which would allow FWC to turn over the phone to proper investigating authorities so the phone can be evaluated by experts”
Pamela Cohen
Perry’s Mom
The Perry J. Cohen Foundation

Also noted Pamela Posted

On behalf of Perry’s entire family we would like to thank the Captain of the Norwegian Ship Edda Fjord and his crew of 16 for all your efforts in recovering and salvaging the Vessel in which our son and his dear friend disappeared on. We sincerely appreciate the generosity of you and your company Edda Accommodation in financing the shipment of the vessel and private belongings back to the United States. The actions of yourself, crew and company will hopefully provide more details for us with the hopes of finding out what exactly happened to our son and his friend”.




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