Save the Indian River Lagoon: Clean Water Collective and Be a Pro Active Lagoon Citizen

Save the Indian River Lagoon: Clean Water Collective

April 24  was a landmark day for the Indian River Lagoon.  Today we had representation from the north, middle and the south.
The event was sponsored by the Clean Water Collective a group of concerned citizens of Vero Beach/Indian River County, that are fighting to restore and protect the threatened Indian River Lagoon. It was founded Alison Stewart.
The point of the Rally was to increase awareness of the issues with the Indian River Lagoon. This was their call to us:
Gather with us to protest the absolute HORROR that is happening as we speak to our home! We have one of the most diverse estuaries in the WORLD right here in our back yard, and we are destroying it! Educate yourself on the effects of decades of agricultural and residential runoff, septic tanks leaching into the lagoon, and other contributing factors. Our delicate ecosystem is being ripped apart up and down the Treasure Coast. Not only will this devastate the plant and animal life in our waterways, but it will eventually derail our local tourism that our area thrives on. Let’s stand up together as LOCALS and let our voices be heard!

CWC rally in Vero

CWC rally in Vero

CWC rally in Vero

CWC rally in Vero


Here are some Remarks from Marty Baum the Indian River Keeper ( sorry about the video I didn’t know there would  be speeches and my tripod was in the car and the complete video is forthcoming) You need to listen and you need to understand that we have been getting snowed by our legislators and this has got to stop. It simply cannot continue. The lagoon is going to collapse even more then it has. How many dead fish do we have to have to convince the people that run this state to do something.

Captain Alex Gorichky Be a Pro Lagoon citizen

Captain Alex Gorichky
Be a Pro Lagoon citizen

Captain Alex Gorichky and Indian RIverkeeper Marty Baum

Captain Alex Gorichky and Indian RIverkeeper Marty Baum

The legislature has a good fix. They want to take the Kilroys out. So instead of being able to see what is going on in real time they can keep it a secret.
“If this is going to work this has to be the beginning.” Marty said. He  does not anticipate anything getting better. He thinks the entire northern lagoon will collapse.
He said our legislators have basically screwed us. Not very journalistic but the truth.


Here is a slideshow by local photographer/videographer/dronemaven John Biondo



We have different issues at different parts the lagoon and that is why its so important to pay attention. If you live in Vero I highly recommend you visit the Clean Water Collective Fackbook page and get involved.

In his speech, Captain Alex Gorichky from Merritt Island said this and I’m totally stealing it from him. We’re starting here and I totally begged him to help continue this conversation because there are things that we all can do.

He said “Be a proactive lagoon citizen.”

  1. Be Educated
  2. Be Active
  3. Be Proactive in little ways like a page on Facebook, share an article
  4. Be Proactive in a big way. Go to an event and learn about the lagoon so you can teach other people.
  5.  Use it! Go on the lagoon and see how it is so you’ll understand why it needs to fixed








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