Red Flags Went Up at Police Department When Drone Spotted On Roof

Port Saint Lucie Police

Port Saint Lucie Police

Red flags went up at the Port Saint Lucie Police Department when a surveillance drone was spotted on their roof.

Fears quickly dissipated when Port Saint Lucie Police got a look at the footage inside.

Michael Bernardo says his Lark FPV drone lifted from the pavement in front of his home on Thanksgiving Avenue and into the sky Monday afternoon, then lost control and crashed onto the roof of the police department.

Sergeant Frank Sabol says a sergeant inside looked out of a window and noticed the bizarre sight. Sabol says fears that someone may have been trying to sneak a peek on classified police business were gone once they took a look at the video. It was also able to lead them to Bernardo’s home.

Chief John Bolduc returned the drone on Tuesday.

No charges were filed because no laws were broken and there were no bad intentions.




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  • Posted 8 years ago

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