PSLPD:Boat Operator Accidentally Crashes into Dock

PSLPD:Boat Operator Accidentally Crashes into Dock

Port St. Lucie, Fl ( The Port St. Lucie Police has reported a boat operator accidentally crashes into a dock on Saturday afternoon. Must have been accidently because no one would do this on purpose.

This is what they said:

PSLPD Officer Boyd and Officer Peto were on marine patrol at the C24 Canal Park when they were alerted to a boat crash. The Officers learned that the 75-year-old boat operator was attempting to load his boat on the trailer when he slipped and accidentally pushed the throttle down. The boat accelerated rapidly forward and crashed onto the floating docks.
Thankfully the boat owner was not injured. The boat was later removed from the floating docks and secured on the owner’s trailer.

As the boating season begins, PSLPD reminds you to follow these boating safety tips.

-Don’t drink and drive a boat or watercraft.
-Take a boater safety course.
-Wear a life vest or personal floatation device.
-Avoid excessive speed.
-Know the rules of navigation on the waterways.
-Check the weather before you set out.
-Store safety equipment on board in case of an emergency.
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